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What did the Second Continental Congress create in order to defend the colonies? A) Continental Navy B) Continental Marine Corps C) Continental Army D) Continental Air Force

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Writing prompt: read the article, “ending school segregation in the us.” why is the event described in the article taught in schools today? what are the lasting lessons that we can learn from studying this event? support your response with textual evidence. 1. read the article. 2. consider the answers to the questions. 3. use the race graphic organizer to organize your thoughts. 4. construct a paragraph using the race writing including textual evidence (see textual evidence notes for assistance with how to include this information) from the article and answers to the question. 5. check for capitalization, punctuation, and grammar.
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Awife was having an affair with her neighbor. the wife and her husband had a prenuptial agreement that prevented the wife from receiving any of the husband’s sizable fortune in the event of a divorce. the wife and her neighbor formed a plan to murder the husband and run away together with the wife’s inheritance. the neighbor shot the husband one evening, killing him instantly, then drove to a town 100 miles away and checked into a motel. later that night, the police showed up at the motel with a valid warrant for the neighbor’s arrest. after the neighbor was arrested and placed in a police car, the police asked the motel clerk for permission to search the room, and the clerk granted the request. the police found the gun hidden in the tank of the toilet. the wife and the neighbor were each charged with first-degree murder and tried separately. at her trial, the wife sought to suppress any evidence of the gun, arguing that it was seized illegally. what is the prosecution’s strongest response to this argument? athe motel clerk gave the police permission to search the room. bthe wife was not staying in the motel room where the gun was found. cthe gun was found in a search incident to a lawful arrest. dthe neighbor did not have a reason
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Republic comes from two latin words: res,which means interest and publicus which means public. how does a republic represent the public intrest?
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The u.s. government contains numerous agencies to enforce laws protect rights. what statement best describes the overall purpose of the securities and exchange commission (sec)? a) the sec enforces the federal trade commission act, which prohibits "unfair or deceptive acts or practices in commerce." b) the sec promotes fairness and transparency for mortgages, credit cards, and other consumer financial services and products. c) the sec protects investors from illegal practices and fraud, by requiring full disclosure by investment companies to the public. eliminate d) the sec monitors u.s. federal credit unions, and is responsible for allocating tax dollars to insure the deposits at all federal credit unions.
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What did the Second Continental Congress create in order to defend the colonies? A) Continental Navy...
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