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You are going water skiing for christmas break. you are going to the galápagos. you visit the birthplace of pancho villa. you go to volcán poás. you visit the palacio real where the kings and queens of the country once lived.
a. argentina.
b. costa rica.
c. spain.
d. mexico.
e. ecuador.

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Which of the following was a key accomplishment of the people of songhai? a. they had a strong military and became the largest empire in west africa. b. they established a center of islamic scholarship. c. they worked with iron and prospered from the gold-salt trade. d. they dominated in the trade of ivory, enslaved people, and animal skins.
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Give an example of a situation in which an individual's pursuit of economic self-interest may not benefit but instead harm the rest of society
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Which best describes california population when it became a state in 1850? a.because of the gold rush attracting settlers all over the world california population diverse.bcalifornia had banned foreign immigrants at the start of the gold,the states population was made up of entirely of americans from other parts of the country.c california had a large african population because many southern planters had moved their enslaved africans to start large farms.d the indian removal act had led to the relocation of thousands of eastern native americans to,a result the majority of californias population was native american
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Anti-japanese stare on the west coast was caused in part by racism and fear select true or false
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You are going water skiing for christmas break. you are going to the galápagos. you visit the birthp...
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