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You are the owner of a company that stores merchandise for outlet stores for a period of time between shipment from the manufacturer and when the outlet stores actually stock the merchandise. this arrangement allows for the manufacturers to ship out merchandise on time and for outlet stores to stock it at a time that won’t be disruptive to shoppers. as a warehouser, you owe a duty of

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The authors of the paper "fudging the numbers: distributing chocolate influences student evaluations of an undergraduate course"† carried out a study to see if events unrelated to an undergraduate course could affect student evaluations. students enrolled in statistics courses taught by the same instructor participated in the study. all students attended the same lectures and one of six discussion sections that met once a week. at the end of the course, the researchers chose three of the discussion sections to be the "chocolate group." students in these three sections were offered chocolate prior to having them fill out course evaluations. students in the other three sections were not offered chocolate. the researchers concluded that "overall, students offered chocolate gave more positive evaluations than students not offered chocolate." indicate whether the study is an observational study or an experiment. give a brief explanation for your choice.
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The party that has the second most members in the house but not the most
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Which of the following statements about the shang dynasty’s system of writing is false? a. no evidence of the writing system has survived. b. the shang often wrote on bamboo parchment. c. the writing system had over 3,000 characters. d. the writing system developed from a system of pictographs.
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Ayne adair, a california resident, fell from the third tier of seats at wrigley field while she was attending a jimmy buffett concert held there to raise money for the victims of hurricane katrina in september 2005. she experienced paralyzing injuries and has hospital bills of $100,000 and the bills from her stay at the rehabilitation center total $76,000 so far. jayne feels that the railing on the third tier was weak and collapsed when she leaned on it. she wants to bring suit against the chicago cubs, the managers of wrigley field, and jimmy buffett and his manager. the cubs have their business offices in chicago, wrigley field is managed by a chicago company, and jimmy buffett lives in margaritaville, off-shore from the united states. which court would have jurisdiction over jayne's case? that is, where does she need to file her suit?
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You are the owner of a company that stores merchandise for outlet stores for a period of time betwee...
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