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What is the main ingredient in ceviche?

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You want to tell your friends what time it is. select the correct answer. it is 2: 15 a.m. select one: a. son las dos y cuarto de la mañana. c. son las dos y cuarto. d. son las dos y cuatro de la mañana.
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Angela tiene mucha en su computadora para guardar muchas cosas
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What are some things that your friends did this week? write 5 complete spanish sentences describing what they did. don't forget to conjugate your verbs in the preterite tense! (use only -er verbs) pay attention to (a) use of correct preterite form of the verb, (b) appropriate vocabulary usage, and (c) overall quality of each response. *note: this is a practice activity. completing this activity will not only prepare you for future tests and assessments but, more importantly, it will enhance your language ability. this activity will not count towards your grade.
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Can you me correct these spanish questions? ? (they are due tomorrow.)
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What is the main ingredient in ceviche?...
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