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Can somebody provide answers on how to be focused? i have a lot of homework and i cannot think right.

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An object an individual creates or an achievment one can be proud of is known as: select the best answer choice. a. talents b. something intangible c. accomplishments d. capability
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Completati spatiile libere cu formele corepunzatoare ale prnumelui relativ: a) citesc este interesanta.b)ai stat in fata -am dat cartea.c)bucuria o simtim este imensa.d)binele mi l-ai facut nu poate fi uitat.e) afara beneficeaza de alte drepturi banesti.f)nu stiu cu pix sa sriu.g) raspuns l-ai auzit e din clasa noastra.h)se va raspuns a fost apreciat. ce categori de intrebari e !
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Jeremy planned to read the following poem aloud: wisdom by sara teas daleit was a night of early spring, the winter-sleep was scarcely broken; around us shadows and the wind listened for what was never spoken.though half a score of years are gone, spring comes as sharply now as then— but if we had it all to doit would be done the same again. it was a spring that never came; but we have lived enough to know that what we never have, remains; it is the things we have that go. jeremy interpreted this poem to mean that certain people, places, 'and things are important to us in our lives. but as time passes, we lose those things. what technique could jeremy use when reading the poem to emphasize this idea for listeners? a.he could read the poem rapidly to show how quickly people lose what’s important to them. b.he could emphasize the rhyming pattern in each stanza to represent patterns in life. c.he could read the poem slowly to represent the changes that happen over a lifetime. d.he could raise and lower his voice to represent the good and bad things people face in life.
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What would be the mass of an atom with 8 protons and 8 neutrons? a) 16 amu b) 8 amu c) 64 amu
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Can somebody provide answers on how to be focused? i have a lot of homework and i cannot think rig...
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